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kalimat past tense, simple present tense, future tense, dan present continuous tense

Buat masing-masing 10 kalimat pada past tense, simple present tense, future tense, dan present continuous tense!

10 Kalimat Past Tense
-          I was a horse racer
-          He was fun
-          The motorcycle was blue
-          Ani and Rika were waitresses
-          The coffeewas hot
-          She went to Bandung a week ago
-          He did not go home an hour ago
-          If he had enough money he would that smartphone
-          It was wonderful holiday
-          I was alone all night long

10 Kalimat Simple Present Tense
-          Afika always eat a gado-gado for lunch
-          Erwan goes to church on Sunday
-          The teacher was explaining the lesson
-          Rifki is watching a football match on TV
-          My brother is leaving for campus by bike this afternoon
-          He plays football every week
-          All buffalo have one mouth
-          Animals don’t speak English
-          My father always go fishing every week
-          Fahrani is working on that task

10 Kalimat Future Tense
-          He will finish his homework in thirty minutes
-          They will paint the wall white
-          I shall go to Palembang tomorrow
-          Thanks for lending me the money, I will pay you back on Monday
-          I will be studying tomorrow night
-          The softskill teacher shall at class the day after tomorrow
-          She will give you a good novel if you go with her
-          He will meet girlfriend by ten o’clock
-          Will you please help me to get the ticket
-          Dimas will visit his parents next month

10 Kalimat Present Continuous Tense
-          I am writing present continous tense now
-          Marwan is waiting for mawar
-          Jono the gardener wateringplants now
-           I am discussing PI with my partner now
-          She is listening the music now
-          Rasyid is watching TV now
-          Budi is not going to campus
-          We are reading a tabloid now
-          Irsyad and rey are studying their homework at the moment
-          He is not staying in Kalimantan

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